Visit to the Youth Center - Timisoara - Youth Center Vratsa

Visit to the Youth Center – Timisoara

After a long journey on Tuesday, the official working visit of the Youth Center – Vratsa to the partners from the Youth Center – Timisoara started yesterday. The program started in the conference room, where our colleagues presented the activities of FITT Timisoara, as well as what was to happen in the next two days. We were then shown around their building and we were very impressed first by its size and then by all the types of activities that take place within it.

We were shown the halls where they hold their non-formal trainings, then we went through the various art studios where all kinds of workshops and exhibitions of young artists from the city are organized, as well as the Participatory Art activities. We were very impressed by the wonderful art installations and beautifully painted walls. We also entered their huge concert hall, as well as the rehearsal rooms for young performers. Timisoara turned out to be the capital of romanian Drum & Bass music, they also have a lot of rock bands. We also saw their spacious library. We also peeked into some training halls, where various activities of interest are held with children and youth.We had the opportunity to see part of the team and their workspaces, and the strongest impression was made by their colleague who is working on a project in virtual reality. Finally, we went to the courtyard, which in the summer is used as an outdoor stage for youth activities and events. Towards the end of the wonderful tour of the Youth Center in Timisoara, we gave our partners modest gifts on behalf of our Center and the Municipality of Vratsa.

In the afternoon part of our program, we went outside the Youth Center in Timisoara and went to see what 3 other out of 7 youth spaces in the city look like. There we were introduced to the activities that take place in them and how the youth fully engage in their free time. The idea is that by means of them, the organization and also the municipal institutions will be closer to the young people in the neighborhoods of the city.

The exchange of experience continued with a visit to the cultural and historical sights in the central part of the city, organized by volunteers studying Tourism at the local university.

The joint activities with the Youth Center – Timisoara are in implementation of Project BGLD – 1.003 – 0004 “Youth Center Vratsa – a factor for the development of the North-West”, financed through the Financial Mechanism of the EEA 2014-2021.

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