Vandals attacked the "Cool place" - Youth Center Vratsa

Vandals attacked the “Cool place”

Just two months ago, we brought it back to life. The youth space called “The Cool Place” we made cool again! So many efforts were made by dozens of young people from the city. But this seemed to be without result. Today it dawned again desecrated and vandalized, despite all the wonderful initiatives and activities happening on it.
That shows only one thing “The Cool Place” is recognized and used by young people. But unfortunately, we also have critics who want to damage, scratch and deface it. Let’s show them that we are stronger and united!

Next Tuesday, we are calling every young person who recognizes this place as their own to come together to erase the traces of vandalism. From us will be the materials and from you the enthusiasm and that infectious energy that turns destruction into a constructive force.
We are waiting for you from 10:00 a.m. at the youth space “The Cool Place” to make it once again COOL AGAIN!

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