Together for Siana - Youth Center Vratsa

Together for Siana

In connection with all the initiatives that the team of the Youth Center organizes to help little Siana, we will hold another bazaar, which will take place on 17.09.2020. from 11:00 in the garden in front of the former cinema “Vasil Kolarov”. At the bazaar, you will find paintings, toys, handicrafts and clothes.

On 19.09.2020 A book bazaar in support of Siana will be held again in front of the former cinema “Vasil Kolarov”. There you will find some of the favorite of all ages book titles and by choosing to buy a book from our bazaar, you will give a small kid and his family the hope they need in this difficult time! Let’s all unite in a common cause – Sisi to have a chance to live!

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