The Campagne continues! - Youth Center Vratsa

The Campagne continues!

Today, we continued with the campaign on the occasion of the upcoming International Human Rights Day, which is traditionally celebrated on the 10 of December, and the participants in the program with activities aimed at introducing young people to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were the students of the OU “St. Kliment Ohridski” – Tishevitsa village.

The girls and boys took an active and active part in the exercises aimed at putting them in situations where they could see for themselves that human rights are related to the necessities of life that everyone needs especially in crisis situations.

The campaign on the theme: “Human Rights” is part of the activities under Project BGLD – 1.003 – 0004 “Vratsa Youth Center – a factor for the development of the North-West”, financed through the Financial Mechanism of the EEA 2014-2021.

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