Today was an extremely useful day - Youth Center Vratsa

Today was an extremely useful day

Today was an extremely useful day! With the help of volunteers from the partner schools in the city under the project “Partnership for a beautiful and clean Bulgaria” we improved and refreshed the public youth space “Cool place”.
Young people from Vasil Levski Primary School – Vratsa, Joan Ekzarh Specialized Language School- Vratsa, Dimitraki Hadjitoshin Professional School – Vratsa and Kozma Trichkov High School – Vratsa, who erased the numerous signs of vandalism and obscene inscriptions. Of course, we left those who convey positive emotions and attitudes.
During the day, another part of the group of young people in the building of the Youth Center – Vratsa, managed to prepare the wood, which they sanded and varnished necessary for the creation of picnic tables, provided for the “Cool Place”.
We are extremely pleased that thanks to a week ago training on “Vandalism prevention and how to keep our city clean”, young people were motivated enough for today because, in just a few hours difference, their hard and diligent work can be seen and share with you right now.
We strongly hope that after the planned activities and tomorrow, when we will finish the picnic tables and prepare trash cans from pallets, all visitors to the “Cool place” and not only there, we will think of one more idea for each ” “waste fell out of our hands”.

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