The cool place - Youth Center Vratsa

The cool place

Youth centre – Vratsa with the support of the Municipality and the Regional History Museum – Vratsa we succeeded in the implementation of the project THE SPOT. THE SPOT project is financially supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation and Association BG Be Active – Plovdiv.  The project aims to create ten social spaces in ten cities in Bulgaria with the active participation of young people from the city. They will be involved in the process from the idea to the implementation of the place and allowing expressing their talents, abilities and strengths. Our city was chosen for the realization of the “Cool Place”, thus involving in the process of “Placemaking”. Our goal was to ennoble the place with various decorative ornaments and materials – tires, pallets, stones, tiles, vegetation, etc. The concept for this place is to have a social, cultural, sports and civic focus, which will emphasize the youth community in the city.