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Youth initiatives “CREATING TOGETHER”

The youth initiatives “CREATING TOGETHER” are part of the activities organized by the Youth centre – Vratsa. The purpose of the youth initiatives is to make the creative ideas of young people into reality. In this way, to develop their competencies and skills for active participation. The project will bring benefits not only for the young people that participate in the implementation process but also will stand as a good example for all people. Showing the local people that young people can be active and they care for the places in which they are living.
On the 17 of December 2020, the team of Youth centre – Vratsa with former volunteers approve 15 youth infinitives. The granted projects will receive 1000 leva to make their idea come true. The youth project applied for funding in the following categories:

-Non-formal activities and training;

-Sports activities;

-Visual art, culture and craft;

-Youth spaces;

-Animal care and environmental protection;

-Prevention campaigns.

The initiatives which were organized for this period were the following : “Sparks of the ancient fire” was the idea from the group FireLab group for the city of Vratsa, road safety site was the idea of the team “Alumni 2011 – Together for road safety” in the city of Roman,Creative area was made from the young people of Zli dol , making a youth place named “Let’s leave a good memory on earth – do good and pass it on to the generations” was an idea of the team “Young volunteers” from the village Zverino, team “Young and green” made a sport`s board in the town of Vratsa, Easter creative workshop for children and young people with reduced opportunity for social adaptation in Kozloduy, a Board games club in the village of Lik organized by the team “We win together”, team “Sports Youth” with the initiative “Together in the difference in the field of sports” in the town of Kozloduy, team “Street boys – Glavatsi” and their initiative “Creating together” , team “Balkan lions” with initiative “With pure faith in the hearts” from the village of Ochin dol, NGA with the song “Together” for Vratsa, the team “Olympians” with their Free Zone in the village of Mihailovo, the team “Invincible” with the initiative for “Little Ecologist” in the village of Mihailovo, the team “Let’s preserve the Bulgarian” with the initiative “Lifestyle of our ancestors” was organized in the village of Moravitsa.

On 15.10. 2021 we started the youth initiatives “Creating together” 2021. Now it will be possible to finance 15 youth initiatives on the territory of the Vratsa district, each of which will be worth BGN 500. Thе participants must be aged between 15 – 29 and they must have an original idea in one of the following categories:
-Informal activities and training;
-Sports activities;
-Visual art, culture and creativity;
-Animal care and environmental protection;

On January 6, 2022, the Youth Centre – Vratsa announced 6. approved ideas of young people in connection with the competition for youth initiatives “Creating together” 2021. The initiatives will receive funding worth BGN 500. They were examined during the day by young people with experience in volunteering and by youth workers from the Center. And here are the initiatives “Craft Corner-Creativity” of the team “With our hands” from Kozloduy, “Sports for Health” of the team “Winning together” from the village of Lik, “I want to learn about the birds in my homeland and protection them and their species “of the Eco Club” Green Planet “from the town of Mezdra, “Board Game Jam” of the team “ALL A-Board Games Vratsa” from Vratsa, “Because the game is love” of the team “FINAL TEAM” from Vratsa and “Creating Together – Sports for the village of Varbeshnitsa” of the team ” Adventures “from the village of Varbeshnitsa.

To those who failed to qualify, we want to say not to be discouraged, but to learn from mistakes and participate again. Youth centre – Vratsa announced the launch of youth initiatives “Creating together” 2022! The great interest in our initiative provokes the Centre to make a special “SPRING” edition. Young people between the ages of 15 and 29 who have an interesting idea for developing their local town or village can take part in the initiatives. Youth Centre – Vratsa will finance youth initiatives worth 500 lv. Thе initiatives are in the following categories:

– Informal activities and training

– Sports activities

– Visual art, culture and creativity

-Animal care and environmental protection

– Preventive activities.

To apply, you need to do the following things: form a team, sign the idea by filling out our form until 20 of March and then send it to

Status of the “Creating together” projects:

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The Youth initiatives “Creating Together” are part of the activities implemented under the Project BGLD –1.003 – 0004 “Youth Center Vratsa – a factor for the development of the Northwest”, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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