Saturday boardgames in Youth Center Vratsa - Youth Center Vratsa

Saturday boardgames in Youth Center Vratsa

The previous weekend the first edition for the year of “Saturday Board Games” was held, organized by the board games club “All-A-Board Games” at the Youth Center – Vratsa. More than 40 hobby-loving young people took part in it. They played classic games such as Dixit and Katan, as well as some new titles such as When I Dream, Coup and Mysterium. The game Barabar of the Infinite Opportunities Association, which was played several times, attracted a lot of interest. During the event, we also did an organizational meeting with some of the club members to plan and discuss our upcoming events. Stay tuned for more interesting activities coming from us very soon!

The activities of the board games club “All-A-Board Games” at the Youth Centre – Vratsa is part of the project BGLD – 1.003 – 0004 “Youth Centre Vratsa – a factor for the development of the North-West”, funded through the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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