Rosen Dekov – Social and Roma mediator - Youth Center Vratsa

Rosen Dekov – Social and Roma mediator

I am Rosen from the village Mihailovo. I graduated high school in Varshets. I am working in the Youth centre Vratsa from 2014 and social and Roma mediator.

In my work on the field and communication with young people, I reach the following understanding. I see the need for them to be supported in every aspect of their personal growth. Nowadays, young people, especially those who are from socially vulnerable groups, need constant support. The main afford to have to be focused not only to improve their social situation but also to change the public attitudes towards them.

Thanks to the two-year training course for Roma mediators at the Council of Europe and lecturers from experts in this filed with many years of experience in youth work I gained the needed competencies to do my job well. I realized that my job is not only to be the bridge between different people, but also these bridges to be so resilient that over time they will be maintained by the same people.