Non-formal learning - Youth Center Vratsa

Non-formal learning

The non-formal activities and training that the team of Youth Center – Vratsa conducts are based on the methods of non-formal education and learning through experience. The young people had the opportunity to participate in numerous non-formal training and workshops.

Youth Center – Vratsa organized initiatives on topics like “Prevention of Internet addiction”, “Healthy eating, dietary supplements and anabolic steroids”. A lot of meetings presented the opportunities of the program ” Teach for Bulgaria”. The non-formal training program “WITHOUT PLAN”  building the capacity of young people to develop and manage events. Youth Center Vratsa organize board game night that attracts a lot of young people. Other training and debates on some of the following topics “Aggression among young people”, “Motivation for continuing education”,” Human rights education”, “My place in nature” and many more. In this year’s Summer Youth Academy we had informal training in partnership with Mindhub Vratsa, where the kids learned to program in a fun and interesting way. We had and training about Emotional intelligence for children. We had Fire Workshops organized by the fire group FireLab.