Mihaela Miceva – youth worker - Youth Center Vratsa

Mihaela Miceva – youth worker

My name is Mihaela Miceva I am from Vratsa. I have a five-year-old son Dominic and a dog I am proud of them. They fill my free time.

I have graduated in Marketing and Management in Swiss Hotel Management School and Batchelor degree in Administration from London College Dublin. My Master in Global management I finished in the City University of Seattle.

I have different interests as you can see from my diplomas and they do not have anything in common with my work now. I am working as a youth worker in the Youth center Vratsa from July 2017.

As you can see, I am eccentric, wild and love to try new things. I accepted this challenge because of my child. I chose this profession with a mission of trying to show young people that it is essential to keep the child in them as long as possible. That there is no need to grow up fast and prematurely, that the things that should excite them are lessons, parties, friends and happy moments with loved ones, not drugs, prostitution, absenteeism, low grades and unwritten homework. My mission has become to reach as many young people as possible and start the fire in them. To teach them and prevented them from making my mistakes.