Let's raise the level! We believe that we will succeed, but TOGETHER - Youth Center Vratsa

Let’s raise the level! We believe that we will succeed, but TOGETHER

Let’s raise the level! We believe that we will succeed, but TOGETHER! The team of the Youth Center – Vratsa had an attitude to environmental protection for many years. It was involved in campaigns related to environmental actions, urban transformation and preventive action through creative messages and signs encouraging people to put garbage in regulated places.

In addition to the plastic caps, which youth workers had collected for 5 years, they are facing another challenge for which they will search future supporters.

Youth workers believe that step by step we could grow as a society and set a good example for teenagers and young people in the city. Together we began to pay attention to plastic caps and carefully collected one after another, we could do the same with plastic bottles, which enter our daily lives every day.

We are pleased to announce that the team of Youth Center – Vratsa has been approved for a project. Thanks to the association @BG Be Active with the financial support of Coca Cola Foundation we will be partners in the project “Partnership for beautiful and clean Bulgaria” part of the program _Place Bulgaria, coordinated by the association BG Be Active – Plovdiv.

The project activities will be implemented in a period of one year, and the activities that youth workers plan to implement will include young people of different ages. Three schools on the territory of Vratsa will have the opportunity to be main partners in the project and their students to be involved in the activities of the youth workers, which include:

-Participation in the national campaign “I want to be useful – recycle me” by installing “bottles” in the yard of the partner`s schools and monthly collection of plastic bottles from “bottles”. At the end of the year, the amount of the collected bottles will be distributed to the schools that have collected the most plastic, and through it, they will have the opportunity to realize their ideas related to environmental orientation or physical activity.

-Improving the public youth space “Cool place” established in 2017 with money from the project “_Place”.

-Implementation of two competitions for cleaning and installation of waste bins in key public urban spaces, made with the participation of young volunteers.

-Conducting informal training on vandalism and ways to deal with it, by generating creative ideas and methods from young people.

We believe that activity is the culprit virtue for the positive results we all achieve. Follow our Facebook page for news about the activities of the project, which will start in April.

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