International Children's Day - Youth Center Vratsa

International Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day and happy holiday to all citizens of Vratsa!
We decided to make an event with the Bulgarian Youth Red Cross – Vratsa and the Child Protection agency. The program was dedicated to all children from the town. The event was held in front of the building of the municipality of Vratsa from 10 am, and all visitors had the opportunity to participate in various activities, divided into seven thematic areas.
Among the activities, there was a place you can painting on T-shirts another one where you can play board games. Volunteers from the Bulgarian red cross – Vratsa created different forms and animals from balloons. The children also could sit down and have face paintings and many other great surprises. The young people from Bulgarian Youth Red Cross – Vratsa introduced children to first aid in an attractive and fun way.
The participants had to collect stamps from each activity in which they participated. After receiving stamps from all places, the children could take the delicious treats that awaited them as a reward for their active participation in the games.
Thank you to all the young and old children who joined us today and bringing a lot of smiles and a good mood, made today’s holiday even more colourful and beloved!

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