Informal activities with students from Kozma Trichkov High School - Vratsa - Youth Center Vratsa

Informal activities with students from Kozma Trichkov High School – Vratsa

On 18.02.2021 Youth Center – Vratsa was visited by several children from the sixth grade of high school “Kozma Trichkov” – Vratsa on the occasion of the 148th anniversary of the hanging of Vasil Levski. Our team challenged the students to introduce them to one of the Apostle’s most iconic phrases: “Time is in us and we are in time; it turns us and we turn it. Individual words from the quote were hidden in different places in the building of the Center, and the children found them one by one, and after each found word they received directions on where to look for the next one. In the end, our guests “assembled” the whole thought of Levski, which we hope we always will remember, realizing the value of the deeds not only of the heroes of our history but also of our own.
The students from Kozma Trichkov High School got to know the building of the Youth Center – Vratsa, through this game, and we will be happy if they continue visiting it in the future. After the challenge, we presented some of our main activities. The children had to distribute pre-prepared images of different activities on flipcharts with several categories of competencies, thus learning what soft skills they can acquire by participating in events and informal training organized by our team in the future.
Thanks to our little friends and their teachers for a wonderful visit!

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