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Hello friends, environmentalists and partners

Hello friends, environmentalists and partners.

With this publication, we would like to inform you that the bottle eaters, which were placed in the yard spaces of our partners Vasil Levski Primary School – Vratsa, Dimitraki Hadjitoshin Professional School – Vratsa and Yoan Ekzarh Language High School – Vratsa, have been moved in front of the stadium entrance “Hristo Botev” – Vratsa, in the park behind the monument to Hristo Botev (“Zelenchuka”) and in “Dabnika” park. They will be positioned there until the beginning of the new school year.

Let’s be more responsible for ourselves and nature. The place of plastic bottles should be in the Glass Eaters, not on Earth! Thank you!

The activities are part of the project “Partnership for a beautiful and clean Bulgaria” coordinated in Bulgaria by the association BG Be Active – Plovdiv.

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