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Hello friends

Hello friends,

We want to share with you the story of Gergana Petrova, who is only 19 years old from the city of Vratsa and diagnosed with osteosarcoma. She lost her mother and uncle to their battle with cancer.

The insidious disease befell Gergana in 2017. Since then, her life has been a constant struggle. After a series of chemotherapy, total hip replacement surgery, and chemotherapy again, the cancer returned with lesions in her lung and joint. After a ridiculous fall, she breaks her artificial joint. Two consecutive life-saving operations followed. The medical board makes the difficult decision to amputate one of her legs. At this moment, her treatment continues. She conducts targeted therapy in a hospital in Plovdiv.She has to travel there every week, and she has expenses both for the trip and for the medication she takes daily. Gergana’s father is her personal assistant and they support themselves on his salary and her disability pension.

In order to be able to move more freely and have a more fulfilling way of life, as far as possible, Gergana needs an expensive prosthesis, as well as means of treatment in the future. The amount for the prosthesis is BGN 59,800, which does not include stay and training in the prosthetic center. The offer is valid for 90 days from the date of issue (29 of September, 2022). The offer has expired and the amount may be higher.

The amount is too much for Gergana and her father, that’s why we at the Youth Center – Vratsa want to announce that from today until when necessary, there will be an urn for raising funds in her support, sharing with you her charitable account! We hope that we will all together help this brave and strong girl to cope with the next difficulties in her life! Let’s show that we are gifted not only fire people, but also those with big hearts who know what is mutual mail, care, understanding and support!

The donation account is in the name of Gergana Emilianova Petrova

IBAN: BG28UNCR70001523532394 -EUR

IBAN: BG71UNCR70001523532396 – BGN

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