Festivals - Youth Center Vratsa


Celebrating the national days and holidays is a priority to Youth centre Vratsa this is not just a task for us. It brings us great joy the process of organizing and conducting that kind of events because the main point is getting to know other cultures and traditions breaking the stereotypes between minorities and majority.

Every year we celebrate Bango Vasil (The Roma New Year) organizing theatrical shows at the village Banitsa, presenting traditional rituals and dances. We also conduct non-formal discussions related to this special day for the Roma society. Thanks to these events, we introduce the traditions, culture and dances to people outside the Roma ethnic group.

Youth center Vratsa also organized a mini-festival in the village of Tishevitsa connected to Saint George day, also known as Edelezi for the Roma people. On the festival young people from several schools from the region had the opportunity to participate in different workshops and to watch a theatrical show.

On the 8-th of April – International Roma Day we organized several events such as Round table on the following topic “The successful young Roma people” and in the village of Kravoder parents with their children presented the “Little Red Riding Hood” on stage both in Bulgarian and Roma language.