Desislava Petrova - educational mediator - Youth Center Vratsa

Desislava Petrova – educational mediator

My name is Desislava Petrova. I am an educational mediator in Youth Center – Vratsa. I have a Bachelor degree in Social Pedagogy and a Master degree in Management of Social Work Institutions. I received my secondary education at the Ioan Ekzarh Language High School in Vratsa, and I completed my higher education at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Before I started working as an educational mediator, I worked for a year as a youth worker here, in the Youth Center – Vratsa. I also worked as a social worker in the Social Assistance Directorate – Vratsa for five years.

My education and previous experience in the social field have played a significant role in tackling the challenges I face on in my current profession every day. The truth is that nothing can compare to the real contact with young people and children, with the energy that flows from them, with their innate curiosity and their unquenchable thirst for knowledge and research, and most of all with the very feeling of satisfaction from successful realized communication with them.

I firmly believe that art, sports, music, connection with nature, open communication are how we reach young people today and manage to model in them an adequate behaviour and thinking, striving for a meaningful lifestyle and active citizenship.