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Deckbuilding games dissected

Deckbuilding games dissected!

Do you like to know what you are doing? How about creating your own stuff? How about testing them in all kinds of ways? And do you find deckbuilding games intimidating and appealing in equal measure?

Well, we have something unique for you – an opportunity within this workshop, not only to learn about the different types of deckbuilding games, but also to understand how we make them so special (we hint – the answer is in their name).

We’ll focus on the principles of successful deck building (and when to break them), guidelines to use when making a decision, and the ability to visualize how a deck would perform in real play.

And all this – from a man with over 20 years of experience in the oldest such game!

All materials are provided by us for you, all that remains is to reserve a place in the Youth Center – Vratsa by registering now at:

This event is part of the Sofia Game Night festival.

Night of the Games in Vratsa is part of the activities of the board games club “All A-Board Games” at the Youth Center – Vratsa created under Project BGLD – 1.003 – 0004 “Youth Center Vratsa – a factor for the development of the North-West”, financed through the Financial Mechanism of the EEA 2014-2021

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