Clubs - Youth Center Vratsa


The team of Youth center Vratsa is providing opportunities for young people to gather in clubs of interest that are guided by youth workers or volunteers.

Club “Youth Development and Entrepreneurship” will offer young people various activities, with a formal and informal focus in the field of cultural tourism, presenting and participating in local craft workshops, tour programs and tours, which will be conducted by partners in the form of experts from ROME – Vratsa and Nature Conservation Center “Natura” at the Directorate of Vratsa Balkan, through which club participants will build skills and knowledge to present the local cultural and historical heritage to their peers, in order to meet and participate in the development of one of the priorities areas of Vratsa municipality, namely cultural tourism.

The Sports Animation Club will aim at the participants to acquire and improve their practical skills in the field of sports activities and to attract like-minded people in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Establishment of a “School for parents”.

The Board Games Club, which will enable young people to improve their social skills and contacts, communicate together, work in teams and play an important role in the process of organizing tournaments. By playing different types of games, they will improve not only their analytical skills but also their teamwork and presentation skills.

Talents Club will be a place where children and young people will have the freedom to show their aspirations and talents. By providing the appropriate equipment, the team of the centre will hold forums, events and concerts in which young people will have a field for expression and a place to show their talent.

The Debates Club will aim to present several debates on socially important topics related to young people. By conducting activities in the Debate Club, young people will develop communication skills, coping with conflict situations, mastering aggressive behaviour, proper expression and negotiation, as well as building tolerance and friendly relationships. Through participation in this club, young people will develop their active citizenship and learn to lobby and defend the causes for which they are fighting.

Club “Creators” will aim to bring together volunteers whose efforts will be focused on the establishment and development of youth spaces in other settlements, which will be a field for expression and organization of youth events and activities.