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Charity auction

Tsvetomir Todorov, a volunteer at the Youth Center – Vratsa, is a young, ambitious and motivated athlete. Last month he became a national MMA champion. He decided to share his happiness by organizing an auction in which he will sell his medal to the highest bidder and donate the money for a noble cause. The raised funds will go to Ivka. A single mother with three children who struggle daily with the difficulties that fate presents to her.
At the age of 6, her youngest child, Ivailo, was diagnosed with ophthalmic problems. After visiting several hospitals to establish the eye problem, it turns out that the mother does not have the financial means to help her child. Fate puts her through an even greater ordeal, which comes as a result of an unfortunate accident in which her older son, Kaloyan, remains disabled. So, most of the time, she has to take care of him. Despite all these problems, Ivka continues the fight, driven by her mother’s desire to help her children. She manages to work as a staff at a local restaurant in the city and continues to take care of her children, looking for solutions to their daily health problems.
The funds raised from the auction will go to the donation account opened for solving the vision problem of little Ivailo, to which everyone can donate as much as they can. BG30UBBS80021018495450 in currency BGN
Ivka Vasileva Ivanova
Ivaylo is already nine years old, but he is diagnosed with “High-grade hyperopia”, for which he needs glasses with diopters +14.0 left and right eye. Those glasses are not cheap. That is why the starting price of the auction is 350 leva.
We strongly believe that there a lot of good people that want to help one boy to see the world as we can see it and they will take part in Tsvetomir’s auction! Such cause should not be left unnoticed!
Tsvetomir has a real Champion’s heart! Let’s support Ivka’s family and win the well-deserved round!

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