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Botev day

Today we celebrate the Day of Botev and those who died for the freedom and independence of Bulgaria. On the occasion of the holiday, the team of the Youth Center – Vratsa and young people from the Club “Sports Animation and Tourism” at the Center conducted a social experiment dedicated to the life and work of the revolutionary.
We placed 28 chairs at Hristo Botev Square in Vratsa. The number resembles the age at which the poet died. No matter that he had lived for such a short time, he left an indelible mark on the history of our country. Everyone had the opportunity to sit in front of the monument and read one of Botev’s poems, which awaited him in his place. The idea of ​​the experiment was to provoke the interest of passers-by, who, reading the genius works of the poet – a revolutionary his majestic monument and the beauty of the Balkans, to spend a few minutes reflecting on the heroic work of the freedom fighters. The participants then shared how they felt about this experience.
As a big surprise to our team, many children from various kindergartens and schools in the city, who had come to lay flowers and wreaths in memory of the hero, showed curiosity and joined the event. And the most common word they used to describe the way they feel today was: “PRIDE”!
You will be able to see our favourite moments from today’s social experiment very soon in a special episode of our online youth show “And what do you think?”.

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