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“Boardgame Jam” is not limited to local enthusiasts

“Boardgame Jam” is not limited to local enthusiasts. The event will be attended by people who can safely be called experts in the field of board games. Meet Veselin Aleskiev. He and his brother have a board game website where you can not only find materials and games to print at home, but also follow their design blog and podcast.

Vesselin is an architect, graphic designer and game designer. His interests include historical research and preservation of cultural heritage, and in his spare time he runs a philosophy club. The materials on the site are created mainly by him, and his main role is in creating the design and illustrations in the games.

At the beginning of the event, Vesselin will give a lecture in which he will pass on at least part of his knowledge in the creation and structuring of board games. Thus, in addition to their ideas, participants will have theoretical training to facilitate their creation of their board game.

Sign up for the event at:https://bit.ly/boardgameJam

The event “Boardgame Jam” is part of the youth initiatives “Creating together” 2021 of the board game club “All A-board games Vratsa” at the Youth Center – Vratsa. This activity is part of Project BGLD – 1.003 – 0004 “Youth Center Vratsa – a factor for the development of the Northwest”, funded by the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021.

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