Award for young people of Vratsa - Youth Center Vratsa

Award for young people of Vratsa

Today were awarded the young people from Vratsa who participated in the event Playing Man – Vratsa. They took part in the workshop “Game Art Studio”, aimed at encouraging young people to create scenarios for their own computer games. Thanks to their creativity and under the expert guidance of the facilitator Maria Georgieva they managed to develop an idea for a game that impressed the representatives of the Black Sea Games. They in their turn provided a gift voucher for their game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign to the Youth Center – Vratsa, which the colleagues will give to one of the participants of the Board Game Jam Vol. 2 through a lottery.

We want to thank again all the young people involved in this event, as well as our colleagues from INTERCULTURA-INTERCULTURA and Black Sea Games for the prize. It will make some young people very happy at the upcoming event.

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