120 people attended Vratsa Game Night - Youth Center Vratsa

120 people attended Vratsa Game Night

Vratsa SGN2022: Games Night has passed, but the emotions afterwards cannot let us go!

Over 120 people attended the event in Vratsa. There is no way to describe our joy from everything that happened, from the packed halls of children and young people, from the various activities that took place and the enthusiasm of the volunteer that helped all the participants to enjoy their experience. Now is the time to express our gratitude to everyone involved in the happening of this event. First of all to Sofia Game Night, for the decision to make such a big event and to make it national. To one of the main organizers in Vratsa, Galina Dimitrova – Dimova, without whom this event would not be what it was. Also to our board game club “All A-Board Games” who actively participated. To Ivan Ivanov for coming and presenting his game to the children. We cannot miss Climate Fresk, who arrived from Sofia to introduce their game to the youth and visualize the environmental problems facing humanity. Also to Kinematograf.BG for the provided films that we projected! There was no way that the discussion on “Digital Hygiene and Safe Internet” would have happened without Pavel Georgiev, who came with his son all the way from Sofia to conduct it. And last but not least, to all the volunteers who took part in organizing and facilitating the event Games Night in Vratsa. Thank you all!

The event is being held for the first year in the city of Vratsa at two locations – the Youth Center and the IT Center. There were fun and interesting activities for both young and old. Everyone could find something for themselves. The evening ended with a spectacular karaoke party.
We share with you some photos of the emotions we felt during this event!

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