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Youth center Vratsa

Our mission

  • Providing equal opportunities for education, training and work.
  • Supporting parents to take an active role in the education, socialization and labor realization of their children.
  • Integration activities for children and youth through organizing joint initiatives.
  • Rising awareness about youth at risk and changing public opinion.
  • Motivating children and parents from vulnerable groups for social inclusion.

The success of every single initiative

is the achievement of all people

participating in it!

Youth center Vratsa is built for children and youth. Here they can organize their events, learn new things, reach their potential, and establish new skills and competences. For all those young people with different problems here they will find a safe place and receive help and support from our team. Our people have the proper qualification and rich experience.

The team of Youth center


Last events and publications


The building of Youth center Vratsa was reconstructed and modernized, so now is an attractive place for young people.

Youth center Vratsa has at its disposal:

  • 19 double rooms each with bathrooms of their own
  • 1 double room for people with physical disabilities again with bathroom
  • Library, that easily can be transformed into a study hall
  • Dance hall, that easily can be transformed into a study hall
  • Conference hall
  • Art studio
  • Canteen
  • Small kitchen
  • Fitness hall
  • Computer hall with ten computers
  • Two big lobbies that can serve as expeditions halls or for organizing other events

our building


  3000 Vratsa 2 Ivan Andreychin Str.   youthcenter_vr@abv.bg   +359 876 964 442 Youth center Vratsa is situated in the city center of Vratsa. The building is fully accessible for people with disabilities.